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I cannot access the router web page to find out my security settings. Also when I try to ping the router nothing happens. I need to access the page to get my security code as I want to add my new Palm Pre as a wi-fi device so that I can have access to Outlook on the Pre. Thank you


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Are you sure you have the correct IP? To make sure do an 'ipconfig /all' from the command promt and make sure you are trying to access the IP of the 'Default Gateway'. Also are you trying to get to the router page via a wireless connection? If you are you may find you can't as web access via wireless can be disabled on the router. In which case you will have to connect via a cable.


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Leave the username empty. The password is admin


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Try NOT using IE 8...use firefox and retry. I've heard of some IE8 "Compatability Mode" settings that have prevented access to others' routers.

...worth a shot if all else looks good with your LAN and IP settings


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Win 7 next big unandestanding

I have the same router and the same win 7 prof system... I had the same problem... You need to restart your router... than it should work

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