Linksys WMP54G won't stay connected to the internet - Prompting a restart?

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    I cannot figure out why the heck this adapter keeps disconnecting from the internet for no apparent reason. I finally get the damn thing installed properly (Windows kept messing with the driver for some unknown reason) but there are still some unresolved issues.

    -Sometimes the connection will be fine
    -Sometimes the connection won't be fine-the PC will NOT ask me for the password/code (the router is password protected) and tell me that it could not connect.
    -Sometimes the network doesn't show up. Restarting does not always help.
    -Of course, there's also those unexpected dropouts. The internet just disconnects for no reason, and normally #2 is what results when I try to reconnect.

    I have tried searching for better drivers, but f***ing Linksys doesn't have anything past Vista.
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