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Running Win7 with Linksys router WRT54G, and have tried to set up the wireless to connect with laptop. Add |Devices does not allow adding another computer. Cisco/Linksys is of no help without paid support. LELA does not work with W7, go figure. Laptop is running Vista. Had no probs with old Desktop running Vista also, but now new is on W7 and have reset router but still no luck. Any solutions please. "KISS" keep it simple stupid. :confused:

Thanks Drew,
Didn't understand a lot of what you said but I resolved the prob, don't ask how but thru the laptop network setup. Thanks for your quick response .


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Hi Drew. I think we may both have had comments on the other thread, or perhaps, in my case, it might have been on another site.
Anyway. I defense of Linksys. I have had that same router for some years now. Ir has seen me through XP, Vista and Windows 7 flawlessly. Apart from the initial setup and insertion of the Mac codes, from then connection has been automatic on subsequent reinstalls.
As I may have mentiioned in another thread, I wish to change it,only on account of it's age. The internet connection is my lifline and I would hate to lose it, even for a couple of days.


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Same here, I have used my WRT54G since they came out and have never had it not work with wire or no wire....It has always just worked for all versions of Windows I have thown at it. I would hate not being able to carry my Laptop with me when I go out to the patio...:)

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