List of Run commands

So far I know...


can I get a list of more shortcuts/commands, please?


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In a command screen just key in the command:


For more details on any command enter:

help command

where command is the command you want further info on


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An additional resource that you may find useful
it includes a list of commands as well as some like net and netsh that are not commonly available through other lists
using the question mark switch at the end of the command will provide some details as to optional [arguments] just type /?
Command line utilities can be very useful but are also very powerful, use caution and care as you are learning.

This is the second thread opened by the OP on a very similar theme.

This thread is specifically titled "List of Run commands", so I'm assuming that he's looking for commands to type in at the RUN box and not the command prompt screen. Eh? You're RUNNING a program, not executing a DOS command.

The most common 'Big Three' would have to be MSCONFIG, REGEDIT and Services.msc.
Of course there are others, like "CMD" that opens the DOS Command Prompt window on the screen.

Typically, these are all actually the names of programs in Windows and not DOS commands, which would have to be used in the Command Prompt window.

"ipconfig" is a weirdo, because you can type it into your RUN box and execute it, and it will run, but it doesn't stay on your screen long enough for you to read its output information. To see the info, you need to type it into a Command Prompt window, where it will stay, till you close that window. So for every rule, there always seems to be at least one exception. Trial and error is sometimes the best teacher.

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thank you to everyon. u have all bee a big help.

So far I know...


can I get a list of more shortcuts/commands, please?
Any program name (eg: Calc )
Any network path (eg: \\OtherPC\files\mine )
Any local file path (eg: d:\files\mine )

Any file you want to open by association (eg: "d:\Music\Rock\Blondie\Heart of Glass.mp3" )

Note: If paths have spaces you need to put them in quotes.


and I'm sure there's more...

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some other notable ones -

gpedit.msc - group policies manager (good for getting taskmgr back etc if admin blocked)

rstrui - system restore

netplwiz - advanced user account managment

services.msc - services

taskmgr - task manager

cmd - command prompt

Hint - Just go to C:\Windows\System 32 and narrow down the results to .exe. Then you'll see a lot of more commands.

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