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I often visit a site (Musician's Friend | Your Online Music Instrument & Pro Audio Store | Best Prices, Great Service) that allows me to sample sounds of a particular effects pedal for guitar.When I had XP I could open these small sample files and hear the effect without any problems.I now have Vista obviously.When I visit the site and try to hear sound bytes,I can't open them until after I save them to my desktop. It's some sort of security precaution Vista has in it.Is there a way to turn this security measure on and off at my discretion so I don't have to be hassled with sites I trust?I have tried changing my user controls and my security levels but to no avail.I appreciate any help:cool:


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Do you mean you turned off the user account control? If not, you can turn it off via user accounts found in the control panel.

If you've already tried that, then post back..

Yes......I turned off the UAC.

This is exactly the warning I see when I try to listen to the samples:

"The file you are downloading cannot be opened by the default program.
It is either corrupted or it has an an incorrect file type.As a security
precaution,it is recommended that you cancel the download."

From this point,I can either save it to my desktop (which I do)
or I can cancel the d/load.I'm more than sure the file is not
corrupted.Like I said,I had no issues with XP.This all started
with Vista.

OK I fingered it out went to control panel>default programs>associate a file type or protocol with a specific program>double left click MP3 and then choose WMP as the default player.Now when I click on the sound files,it opens in WMP which suits me just fine.Thanks ya'll for taking the time to read and help me with my issue.


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Sorry we weren't much help but much thanks for posting your resolution as this will help others...

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