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IT trib caught up with Don Thompson, an extreme overclocker also known by his Internet forum alias Philly_Boy and co-owner of Magnaphase Cooling, LLC. We had a casual conversation over Windows Live Messenger, we discussed overclocking, extreme overclocking and the frigidness of today's economy and was given an inside look at Magnaphase Cooling, LLC.
According to Don, Magnaphase's production space is set and ready to go, the big hurdle is securing the last round of venture capital, no mean feat in this slowly thawing business climate. Once the funds are secured, Don and company are looking to bring the world of extreme overclocking to a more mainstream crowd with their lineup of phase change and liquid nitrogen [LN2] products and the Frosty Freeze Xtreme line of CPU liquid nitrogen [LN2] containers, slated for Q3/Q4 2010. Don is hopeful that the cost will be kept below $250 for an entry level CPU pot.
Magnaphase will offer two phase change variants, possibly three - including a bling bling [sic] model. The entry level unit will cost $699 retail, the higher end model will set you back $899 and all that "bling" will leave a $1,199 hole in your wallet for the top-end version. Prices do not include tax and shipping, if applicable. Each of the units will undergo 20 to 25 hours of testing and certification to warrant against defects. Unlike competitor's, notably Asetek and CoolIT, Magnaphase includes a signed and certified specs sheet with every unit. No word yet on what the warranty period will be and terms of the warranty, but Magnahase units will be UL registered. To mitigate shipping issues, all Magnaphase Frosty Freeze units will be shipped well paded and sturdy boxes. A full install guide including an insulation guide to prep motherboards and video cards for extreme cold will, of course, be included. This will hopefully negate some of the logistical issues experienced by other manufacturers [notably OCZ].
What does all the extreme cooling get you? In a word: speed. Don says, "Our projected performance levels for our units is that they will hold a core i7 920 at 5 GHz (depending on oc'ing [sic] skill of the customer plus if the chip will do it) at about -35c for the Frosty Freeze basic and the Frosty Freeze Deluxe will hold a i7 975 at 5 GHz at about -55c." These numbers ahould be more than enough for talented overclockers to do some damage on HWBot and churn out some nice Futuremark 3D Mark06 and Vantage scores. We look forward to reviewing these coolers when they come out, which should be out by the end of Summer 2010 according to Magnaphase's current roadmap.
Editor's note: This interview took place before IT trib launched and is likely out-of-date. We will try to re-connect with Don and see where Magnaphase is in terms of its roadmap and see if we can get some pictures to publish.

Ref: An Exclusive Look Inside Magnaphase Cooling, LLC | IT trib

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