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My system crashed. It says I need to repair the system. When I boot from the install cd and run "repair" no OS's are displayed. My system is on a RAID 5 array that in interfaced through an Adaptec 2410SA PCI SATA contrller. Obviously the driver is not loaded. I went to adaptec.com to get the driver and they say it is on the install cd. How can I find the driver on the cd so I can load it and repair my system? :mad::(

Thank for any help in advance.




Try to search sites like download dot com for your specific file. If you can dl the file to a floppy try that. If you dont have a floppy drive get an external one. Another site you can search for files is filehippo dot com. Anyways you "might" have to reinstall. Here's hoping you run backups on a regular basis.

BTW, microsoft does have pretty strong tech support once you get past the first tier of tech support. Call em up. Another way though not as archair as floppy is a flash/jump/thumb drive. Best of luck I hope any of this helped.

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