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May 1, 2009
how can i load win 8 to a partition other than c? i want to load it as a dual boot, and don't want to load it over my win 7. so why doesn't it give me this option? surely these guys didn't think everyone would load it on their c drive, did they?

When you booted from disk did you select Custom Install?

When you booted from disk did you select Custom Install?

disk? i used the iso off the download site. and never saw anything about a custom install.

There are alternatives in installing direct from an ISO but, what Joe is suggesting is that you should really burn an ISO to a DVD and then boot and install from there. If you do so, you will get the custom option.

You DEFINITELY have to burn the iso file to DVD to get the choice to install to a different partition. When you insert the DVD into your reader and reboot you will have a choice of Upgrade or Custom install. Choose Custom install and you will get the choice of where to install. This is where you would choose to install to a different partition than your Win 7 partition.

May I make a suggestion. Before doing this, make an Image of your Win 7 Partition just in case something goes wrong. With an up to date image, if something goes wrong, it will take about 10 minutes to restore your Win 7 OS. Be sure to remember to make a bootable rescue media with whatever app you use to creat the Image.

I would never start playing with partitioning or new OS'es, especially beta OS'es without an Up To Date back up Image. I want to repeat Up To Date Image! This is not an Image that's 6 months old or 2 month's old, this is an Image that I created just prior to "playing" with my PC so that WHEN I fudge something up, I can get back to where I started quickly!

I know, it's not practical for those who only run a laptop, but if a desktop PC is being used, there is usually space somewhere for an extra HD.
My best advise, for those not familiar with doing whole drive backups, is to only install Win-8/DP on a totally separate drive, with the main drive unplugged during the install. Of course, use a bootable DVD for installing Win-8.

And you don't have to have an open drive bay for that second drive.
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