I clicked on My Computer and noticed that my Local Disk C: had been renamed and it now appeared as:

TI105860W0F C:
Additionally, when I clicked on it, it shows containing two files with unrecognizable names. (See attachment)

Does anyone have any idea what happened here and how to fix it?
I have been suggested to make a full system recovery to bring it to its original state but it means that I will lose all my data and I hate for that to happen.
I hope there is a better way to fix this or at least know what caused it. Thanks.



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Since I can't open an docx file, you might want to use the snipping tool and take a picture and attach.

But are you doing any type of encryption on the drive?

The only thing I can find on it seems to be talking about Linux and Slackware. Have you used anything to alter your drive or do you run another OS?

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