Windows 7 Location and Sensors Not Installed.. Need Help!


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I recently reinstalled my operating system, the sensors didn't install when I reinstalled it. It says no sensors are installed. How do I go about installing them?

I'm not sure what sensors are, at least in relation to your operating system.
Can you explain more fully, sensors for what?

I ran a search for Windows 7 sensors and didn't find anything except windows sensors on a home security system.

I don't know anything about this I'm afraid.
I tried to do it on my computer and the search doesn't find anything related to Sensors.

My computer is only a couple of months old but it doesn't seem to have anything like that.


Ok I did find it by opening control panel and searching for Sensor.

Mine seems to be turned on by default, and the only option I have is to turn it on or off.
No list or anything like that.

Just a check box on or off but it does appear to be working i.e. I can select or deselect it.
No way to tell if it's really doing anything or not, I don't get a message popping up saying active or inactive or anything like that.

Maybe someone else here will have an idea.
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Hi again

Do you know for sure that your computer has location sensors installed in it?

Not all computer seem to.

Were you using the Sensor Service in some way before the reinstall or did you just get the No Sensors Installed message after the install and figured it was a problem?


If you need the location ability check this out and see if it will help you out.
Maybe installing the software will activate the service.

Check in services....

Open "Run" type services.msc and see if there is a Sensor service and what it is set to.
Mine in Windows 8 is set to Manual Trigger Start.
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Have you installed any sensors previously? Perhaps you entered your Zip Code in some program and the Gadget was using that? Could connecting to a phone with GPS have given you some capability?

Currently, my system shows no sensors installed.

Edit: I notice there is an option for entering your default location. On the Location and Other sensors, Default Location on the bottom left.
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Yes! It worked before I reinstalled my OS. I also checked windows update, and no updates came up to install and I also entered my zip code for and still nothing. I guess my best bet is to reinstall the OS again to see what happens
It appears something like the weather gadget is locked out from using the default location, so it should have never worked. I suppose this is indicated by the greyed out option to search automatically.

But if you were to try something like a movie locator site it might use the info. I did see the locator icon pop up in the tray showing something was accessing it.