Lock a system restore point


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Do you guys know of a way to save a restore point and locking it that no matter what, it won't delete?

I made a restore point and then installed Windows 7 service pack 1. The service pack screwed me so bad with software and hardware I used, I regret that I didn't do an acronis backup!

When trying to fix the problems, I had reinstalled various drivers and uninstalled the Service pack, thus forcing Windows to create more automated restore points. Since my C drive is configured to use %30 of it's capacity for restore points, along the way, I guess my restore point was deleted because it's not in the restore points list, even if I check "show more restore points".

I want to prevent this in the future so I am asking if if anyone knows how to create a restore point and LOCK it so no matter what, my restore point won't get deleted.


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Yes, that is why I said I regret that I didn't do an Acronis backup.


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Hey, sorry to hear that you are having some difficulty. When I did the Sp1 install, during the process the installer created a system restore point and named it something like ServicePack1, is that system restore point also unavailable to you?


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Yes, I made a restore point and called it a name, but the last restore point was the one that the Windows 7 service pack made. Too bad for me.

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