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So I decided to connect the xbox to my home network, but when I did so ALL of the shared files and folders got locked. Being locked I cannot watch the videos or play the music with manually unlocking them first. So is there a way to revert them back to their unlocked state? There has to be an easier way than manually doing it... because I have around 50GB of music... that would take an eternity.

Here's a screenshot for reference: http://i.imgur.com/Mfast.png


Joe S

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Did you try resetting the sharing permissions?


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Are you using the xBox as an extender? I don't have one so I can't check, but the files are locked in all your computers or just the xBox?


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Looks like the results of having altered the sharing permissions at the root location of that particular library (music), here;
C:\Users\YourUserName\My Music
Right click the My Music folder (not the library, the path above) and choose share with->specific people
click the add button
find the everyone group and add it
Should default to Read only which should be satisfactory for your needs but you can adjust it using the drop down arrow to include Read Write if needed.
Also Open the network and sharing center
in the left column click the Change Advanced sharing settings link
Examine your setting regarding Media streaming

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