Locking down a windows 7 computer

I have two computers that I will be using as kiosk. They are running windows 7. What I am trying to do is make it so that the only thing that the user can do is view a website. I was wondering if theres a way to lock down everything so the computer stays on that website and the user can't do anything but browse through that website. I have tried locking it so when I run "iexplore -k www.thewebsite.com" that is the only thing that you can see but anyone that knows anything about a computer can get out of it by using ctrl F4. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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log in with that user and make the following registry change:
click Start -> Run and type regedit and click OK
Once the Registry Editor opens, click File and Export… to create a backup of the registry (in case something goes wrong). Place this in the C:\Windows folder.

Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Winlogon
Create a new string value called shell (Edit -> New -> String Value)
in the Data portion of this new string value type: C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORE.EXE

After this, open the group policy by opening start and typing "gpedit.msc"
Here you can restrict access to practically any feature you wish.

(if you can't get to the group policy, follow this quick tutorial: How to get Group Policy Editor in Vista Home Edition | Windows Reference)

Thank you for your help


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No problem, you're most certainly welcome :)

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