Log in issues


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I'm still having issues with logging in.

I don't like to stay logged into any site. I always use the box to "not stay logged in" and uncheck. On this site, doing so, I get the "OPPS" security message error. If I stay logged in and then decide to log out....logging back in, I get the same "OPPS" error message.

Any way to debug that issue.


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I did....same result.

Just tried to log in today with out having the box checked to 'stay logging in" and same result. Security error message. Then clearing the cache or refreshing the browser is just and endless loop with that "OOPS" error message. I have to close the browser and reopen it up. Then to log in I have to have that box checked. PITA!

So I have to make sure I log out of the site every time...….again PITA!

FYI: This also happens on bleepingcomputer.com as well. I wonder if the update for the forum platform has a bug. When they updated their site it does the same thing. Then you updated your site and it now does exactly the same thing here as over there.

Anywho......I'll just keep logging out when done.