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Hi all

I have in the past joined my pc to a domain(for lab practice) and now I simply wish to log on locally to the machine.

In the past on the log on screen with XP we have the choose domain then log on locally this computer option.

Now I am presented with no such option in 7!! I can only enter my password and then my machine is always part of the domain e.g. layman.domain.local when I check in system properties.

Only way I see out is to join/setup? a workgroup.

The reason I want do do this is because I want to use this machine to host ICS for another pc which is not part of the domain.

Hope I have put this clearly, if not let me know.




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Hello and welcome to the forums.
To log on to another domain, type domain name\domain user name.
To log on to your computer (not domain), type YourMachineName\local user name
Hope this helps

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