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I just purchased an HP desktop. After setup, I kept getting dropped out to the login as soon as the computer was idle. I was told this was a registry problem and to go to safe mode and run SFC. That did not resolve the problem. Then I was advised to simply disable the login by going to RUN, keying in control userpasswords2 and unchecking the password requirement. I did that. It continues to drop back to the login screen as soon as its idle. (Btw, I tried this on my Sony laptop and it worked fine). Now the login gives an icon with my name and Underneath it ways locked> switch user. I hit this and I get my name and the msg I'm already logged in. When I hit this, I'm in. I tired going back and checking and unchecking the password requirement and either way I get the same login notice. I tried running an MS registry fix as well as putting the computer into safe mode and choosing a repair. I also went to user accounts in the control panel and took my password out there. It seems to be recognizing two users from the login but there is only one established account. I tried going back to a password for administrator just to test it but I cannot. I don't have that option. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I can use it as is but why should I have to put up with this on a brand new computer. I'm so frustrated! Thx in advance.
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