Login Issue

When I log into any administrator account, after the "Welcome" screen finishes, it hangs for about 6 seconds on a black screen (if aero is enabled)
and a 'windows blue color' screen (if classic theme is enabled)

This does not happen on a standard/guest account
This happens on a new and existing adminstrator account
This happens on a standard account which is upgraded to a admin account (i.e. net localgroup command)

The Welcome screen dissapears quite quickly, so its not a slow login issue.

thanks in advance


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Is this a new situation on a previously working system?

You might try updating your video drivers. If Windows has added a video driver through Windows Update, you might try rolling it back.

Since you are using special commands, is this your personal system? I have never really checked, but it might be that the Admin account is doing more things during the login..or the standard accounts are not starting something the Admin does.

I think the error was in the Super administrative account. When I do a fresh install, I install a good 50 programs all using the super admin account, which I then use. One of those must have done something to a windows core file due to there being no limitations.

After a reinstall and now just using a standard Admin account the error does not exist.

Thanks the the help anyways, I'll mark the thread as solved.


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