Windows 10 Login issues

Wendy P

New Member
I've just recently changed my password to log into my account. I've used a password for a while and I changed it to a PIN via the security and 'hello' options .

Now, each time I turn the PC on I'm greeted with a message saying that the profile can't be loaded. I then have the usual login screen. The name and everything appears to be the same as usual. When I enter the PIN (I have since tried with the old password, but that isn't accepted), a message says, 'Preparing Windows'. This takes several minutes and longer than usual to load. I'm then greeted with a desktop that isn't mine. The desktop picuture isn't there, some icons are missing and there is very little pinned to the taskbar. It still has my name and I wonder whether somehow I'm logged in as an administrator.

In desperation, I signed out. Again, the sign in screen appeared to be the same, but when I signed in with the PIN again (this has happened twice now), I then find I'm back onto my profile.

I don't want to have to keep signing in twice every time I turn the pc on, so any help would be appreciateted.