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Hi all!
I am trying to set up my computer so that when you turn it on, it will not ask for a password or PIN. Here is what I have done so far:
Require sign-in set to "Never" and deleted any other unused "users" on this computer.
I ran netplwiz and unselected "users must enter a user name and password" and hit apply

When I restart, I am still required to enter a password and it tries to initially sign me into the user I just deleted...

This video shows what I mean as my english isn't great:


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You probably don't really want to remove the login requirement. If you do, *anyone* could access *anything* on the computer, including security files, financial data, passwords, and more.

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netplwiz works on older builds of Windows 10... when you allow updates you also allow Microsoft to take over control of your entire system and disable the option to bypass logins


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You must first of all (for the sake of safety) create a LOCAL administrators account (not use your Microsoft account as the faulty "Microsoft way"-demands) Then you must create a local standard user-account for your self (that you may connect to a microsoft account).

This way you protect your computer from severe malware, exploits of vulnerabilities etc. and it makes anyone who happens to access your keyboard to not be able to install unwanted softwares, since this requires a password to accept the UAC.

Then you must realise that you do not remove any passwords from your account, but instead try to make your computer to AUTO LOGIN by using your username and password.
Try if this works:

If this trick still works then your computer will log in automatically (like you wanted) and you are free to use the computer without entering any passwords.. UNTIL you like to perform an administrative task, then you MUST enter the Administrators accounts password in the UAC-prompt (this is what blocks malware from running with administrative rights and thus are less prone to harm your system!)