Login script works in XP but freezes in Win7. Pls help!


I work in a fairly large company and we use a logon script (pushed thru GPO) utilizing "NET USE" to access shared drives. In XP, the system simply skips those drives which user has no access rights to and goes back straight to the C:\drive prompt. This effectively puts an end to the script thereby making the little black DOS prompt disappear once the login script runs its course.

The behaviour of these scripts in Windows 7 is different. Once the system detects that user doesnt have access to a drive indicated in the script, it stops and asks for a username and password. The DOS prompt stays there until user intervention suggests hitting the enter key several times until the prompt disappears.

Is there a way to let Windows 7 behave like XP when it comes to interpreting logon scripts like these?

Any ideas will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!



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What about turning off the UAC or is that not an option?


UAC has been turned off but same problem. Thanks.

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