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Windows 7 login scripts for users that are local administrators


New Member
May 27, 2009
Hello all,

Does anyone have a solution to the unholy mess that is the way that windows 7 handles logon scripts when the user is a local administrator?

To be fair Vista is no better, but Windows 7 seems to have changed things again and not for any gain that I can see.

My GP logon scripts that have to launch scheduled tasks on vista to map the drives and printers are not working correctly for Windows 7. It seems I can see the drives and printers if I am elevated, but not if I am not.

Does anyone know of a definitive resource that explains why this occurs and how to overcome it?

Many thanks for any info offered.

How do you map your drives? This is what I have in my script:

start /wait net use z: \\[server]\[share] /persistent:no

I also have my UAC all the way to the lowest setting, and local and domain admin access on this machine.

Can you map the drives if you just opened up a command prompt and ran the command that way?