Windows 7 Logitec Mouse Needs Driver


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In Windows XP, Any Linux, and Windows Vista use my Logitec V220 USB Cordless mouse fine when I plug it in. Detects driver and everything. Windows 7 requires the Logitec SetPoint software which causes my mouse settings not to save when I reboot! Anyone know how I can get my mouse working without the SetPoint software?
i use setpoint without problems. downloaded the vista version, installed and set up fine. then in w7 it updated it again. my custom keys work the same as always. new version is 4.70.213
But why do you need the setpoint software in 7 and in any other OS (XP, Vista, Ubuntu, Sabayon, etc.) works fine without the software?
power down.install both wired and wireless mouse.boot up.use the wired mouse to get to the device manager.if you have a wired ethernet connection,you can let windows update search the net for the driver if windows 7 did recognize the usb may also be able to install the software from the driver cd with the wired mouse.
I got the newest Setpoint drivers from logitech for my G5 and installed in compatibility mode and it updated itself again as armus75 said. They work fine, Ive always used them and I couldnt imagine wanting to use anything else