Logitech ClearChat Pro USB mic problems under Win 7.


I bought the Logitech ClearChat Pro USB headset quite a long time ago and am very satisfied.
I recently upgraded to Win 7 after having Win XP for a long time..for some reason now there's a buzzing/humming/wind blowing sound along with my unclear voice..

I went to my little brother's PC which is running Win XP, plugged the headset and there was no problem at all. the sound was as clear as it can get.
My reference program was Steam. I use it for playing games and chatting with friends.

I tried reinstalling the driver and still no go...If someone has a solution or any kind of advice it would be much appreciated since the mic functionality is crucial to me.

P.S, I also tried plugging an old Logitegh headset I had into one of the USB ports on my PC and it worked perfectly fine. Clear voice on Steam and Win 7 itself...

Thanks ahead for any advice!

I have the same problem with Logitech ClearChat Comfort USB. Is there any solution to this?


Just wanted to mention something...

No-one was willing or able to help me with that problem....tech support guys sent me to other tech guys and so on..and each treated me like a "noob" in computers :p but I didn't give up!

I found out that something in my PC is not getting grounded. While I touch the chassis/ body of my PC the sound is perfectly fine, and when I lift my hands from the PC the buzzing sound comes back in. Apparently my body is being used a ground when I touch the PC. Now it's annoying to have to place one of my limbs on the PC when I want to transmit voice, but it's a good enough solution till I find which hardware part is not getting grounded and causing the problem...if you have any idea on how one might do that I'd be grateful.

To those who are having the same problem, I would suggest trying my "computer touching" solution as a temporary solution..

Have a great day and good luck,

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