Windows 7 Logitech G5v2 Mouse Problem


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May 7, 2009
I'm having a problem with the middle mouse wheel's side scroll. It does not work. I know a lot of people hate this feature on the mouse, and would be glad that it's gone, but I hated it as well, but grew adjusted to it and now really want it back. Does anybody know how to get it working without installing the awful drivers? It worked on XP/Vista x64 perfectly fine with no drivers.
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It may also work on Windows 7 without having to install drivers but not at this stage in 7's lifecycle.. Remember Windows 7 is still only at the RC stage and many devices still may not function properly until the RTM or Retail stages.. ;) I'd suggest trying the drivers, if you haven't already of course, and see if you have any luck with those.. ;) If not, then I'm afraid you'll probably just have to wait until 7 is a bit further along in it's development or until the manufacturer of your mouse releases some Windows 7 specific drivers.. :)
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