Logitech Mouse and Keyboard will lag and then freeze/turn off lights or blink

I have a Dell XPS 8300 desktop with a Logitech mouse and keyboard. Lately, they have started lagging bad (in games and just at desktop), and they will blink or have the lights on them go off completely. Trying different USB ports doesn't help. Rebooting makes it work for a few minutes. Just the desktop doesn't freeze (but will lag), but playing an MP3 will do it, or running any game. The computer has been running fine for a year and a half and no new peripherals have been added. The mouse and keyboard work on another computer, and using another mouse and keyboard on the problem computer will have the same problem. It affects both the mouse and the keyboard. If it was a driver, would it hit both? I will try reinstalling both drivers tonight. Running games in Safe Mode seems to cause the same problem.

From your explanation, you say that using another keyboard and mouse, you get the same issue/problems. So my questions are: What type of keyboard/mouse were you using...make and model and type of connection? What make and model of keyboard/mouse did you test with and it's connection type?

Have you checked with Dell's driver/support area for updated drivers for mobo...eg chipset driver, LAN driver and so on?

The other keyboard and mouse were the stock dell mouse and keyboard, both USB. I was going to try a USB converter for each to put them in the mouse and keyboard plugs in the back. What I don't get is if it was a "outdated" driver for both, why would it work for a year and a half without any equipment changes? I'm going to try the driver update tonight anyway, and will basically update drivers for everything (mouse, chipset, keyboard, LAN, etc.). I just hope it isn't a hardware issue with the motherboard and was wondering if anyone else has seen the same thing. For 3 weeks, it would freeze occasionally, now it is after a minute or two every time.


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I suppose if they were wireless, you would have already replaced the batteries.

Since both devices behave the same, it seems something is conflicting with the devices. Have you gotten any Windows Update hardware updates lately?

You might watch Task Manager to see if something is taking CPU time.

Installed anything lately, like devices or software?

If the problem is getting worse, it may be some type of system situation, like a hard drive. If the system is busy doing something else, it may ignore the mouse for a short period.

Another point, there are some nasty virus's and malware that does show symptoms like your describing. Might be worth it to run your AV and any and all Malware software in safemode to eliminate that possibility.

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