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I have installed Windows 7 Home Premium (64Bit) as a clean install. Everything works but my Logitech wingman formula force driving wheel. I have previously used this with Windows 95/98/XP and Vista. It is automatically detected when plugged into a USB port and installed without extra software. I can also install Logitech Gaming Software Version 4.60 as a game profiler. My current option is to dual boot XP/Vista with Windows 7 (64 Bit). I also just tested an install with Windows 7 (32 Bit) and it detected my Logitech wingman formula force driving wheel and installed a working driver. In addition I was able to install the Logitech Gaming Software Version 4.60 and verify it working as well.

My main issue is the fact that Windows 7 (64Bit) will not install the Logitech wingman formula force driving wheel. So I am forced to make a dual boot system 32 & 64 Bit (not sure if this counts as a second install or not). Also the main reason I would prefer to use the 64 Bit version is available Ram and system performance. I have 4x 2GB memory modules, under 32 Bit total ram is 2GB & under 64 Bit total ram is 8GB. System Performance for 8Gb ram is 7.3 and drops to 5.2 with 2Gb ram. I have contacted Logitech and they do not provide a driver for this product just the game profiler software.

I wish Windows 7 (64 Bit) could install the driver the same way it does for Windows 7 (32 Bit) version, what's the issue MS?


Get a 64-bit Vista or XP compatible driver and install it in Vista/XP compatible mode. Reboot.


I would have tried that if a driver was actually available for XP or Vista. Thanks

There is no driver on the CD that came with the product either for any operating system.

The device is a direct input serial controller.

Logitech Gaming Software 5.08 is what you need:
(download it and then install it & run it in Vista compatible mode)

Formula? Force EX


Yes Logitech has profiler software for Windows 7 (64 and 32 bit) but it does not contain any hardware drivers.

Version 4.60 came out with Windows XP
Version 5.04 came out with Windows Vista
Version 5.08 came out with Windows 7

Most will work with Windows 7 with out issue. Version 5.04 & 5.08 both have (32 and 64 Bit) versions of the Wingman profiler. This software allows you to reconfigure the buttons and launch a game.

The profiler will not run without a driver installed for a Logitech connected device. I do have a joystick, Logitech Wingman Force 3D that is detected when the profiler software is run. It is a USB device so it has to connected prior to running the software. The joystick also functions normally without the Logitech profiler software installed. After a clean install of Windows (7, XP or vista 32/64 Bit) the joystick driver is automatically detected and installed by windows. This two step process of device detection and driver installation is all that is needed to use the joystick. (Logitech Wingman Force 3D).

Now the Logitech Wingman Formula Force (red driving wheel) installs the same way with Windows 7, XP and Vista (32 BIT). I have confirmed this myself by testing and viewing the drivers in each operating system. When connecting the driving wheel to Windows 7 (64 Bit) the device is detected but no driver is installed. Yellow (!) in device manager is displayed and manually selecting a similar device's driver does not work. Windows has lots of Logitech driving wheel drivers to choose from. None work and usually give the error of not being able to start.

So I need a driver for "Logitech Wingman Formula Force (Red)" driving wheel for Windows 7 - 64 Bit.

I too have a Logitech Wingman Formula Force (aka 'Old Red') and even the 5.02 version from the Wingman team doesn't seem to include this wheel. Windows 7 (32-bit) happily detects this wheel but I'm struggling to set it up with split axis (axes?) for Richard Burns Rally. Stumped, but at least I'm triple booting (with Ubuntu & XP) so I can always drop back to XP, but it's most annoying.
Inside the ReadMe it lists the (inferior) Formula Force GP which was a totally different beast but I do notice it lists the Logitech MOMO Force, one version of which did share a striking similarity in both the housing and pedal boxes (was it just the wheel that was different?), so there may be some hope.

Doh! I looked further down the ReadMe and, damn!, it's listed under the incompatible wheels -<insert expletive of your choice here>!

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I have the older Yellow one without force feedback myself, and I dont use any logitech drivers or apps at all and it works fine of the built in drivers.

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Re 'Old Yellow' (pun intended)

I guess the axis of the yellow one is identical to the red.
Split axis on the red one seems to be configurable inside GTR2, GTL etc, but RBR seems not to be able to cope in-game so I was looking for an OS/driver solution. Do you by any chance play RBR (with split axis)? I'd be interested to hear. Thanks


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I have played Burn's rally on vista64 with mine, but not on Windows 7 64, but all my other games that use it such as GRID, DIRT 1 & 2, NFS series, Race driver series, Flatout 1,2 & 3 etc and Burnout all work perfectly


Useful to know. I guess I'm going to have to play around a bit more, but I can always fall back on my XP boot if needs be.

Re:Good news : Profiler 5.10.127 is working on 7 x64

Good news - Logitech Wingman formula force GP is working fine on Windows 7 x64 (ultimate).

You should use Profiler software issue in June 14th 2010 : 5.10.127

I used it without a problem with need for speed carbon.

Thanks Zaspirou111 but that's the later GP version (black & red wheel + 2 buttons(?)) which is a different beast to the one this thread is about (all red wheel - 4 buttons).

I use Wingman Formula Force GP on windoes 7 64-bit.
When I pluged it in it was recognised by windows and I could calibrate it through windows own controlpanel. But it didnt have force feedback so I just downloaded the installer from HERE and installed it in Vista Sp3 compabilitymode and everything worked fine.

Calibrated through logitecs program instead and now I just played Flatout 2 with steering, thrusts, force feedback. All 100% working.

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Again, thanks for taking the time and interest in posting your findings but I think this thread is not about the Wingman Formula Force GP but the Wingman Formula Force (aka 'Old Red' ie the one with the all red rim and not the black/red rim)

Ah, sorry. Missed that since I landed here when I searched for drivers for my wheel :p

Found this about "red" thought:

These devices (Wingman Force, Formula, Formula Force) were some of the first DirectInput gaming devices. These were designed when USB was still a small market technology, and are in fact [technically] serial devices, even though they have a USB port. Because of the bandwidth constraints of having something being serial compatible, original force feedback devices had to load the forces into the device's memory, and then would execute the force when instructed by the PC. Simple forces allowed up to 10 effects, but later/more complex force feedback executions caused the memory to be constrained, possibly to 7 or less effects.

Later Force Feedback devices, basically all devices supported by LGS 5.01 and above, have a different way of managing effects. The PC could send and execute individual effects, as well as actively remove and replace the effects without closing and reopening the game. This, combined with greater memory banks and no need for legacy serial support, allowed for a significantly greater amount of effects and this is the standard basically used by all the games developed in the last few years.

We had to pull a lot of tricks to keep force feedback working properly on these devices, and simply put, the way force feedback is implemented in games moved past what the standard was when we launched this product line (September of 1998). We also couldn't make current games compatible with this device, so even if we got the driver working, I can't guarantee you would even be able to use this device with the games that are designed for Vista. Modern games simply would throw too much information at this device for it to handle reliably.

We are not ending Vista support in some sort of malicious way. PC technology has simply progressed so far that we have to recognize where we have to limit the technology. We still support these wheels/joysticks, but we have to do so on the OSes they were designed for (Windows 95-XP, depending on the LGS version)."

So it doesn't sound like any drivers will show up for u :(
Hope someone clever out there makes some sort of hack to make it work. Ill hold my thumb for you.
(just one, thumb for luck, thumbs for bad luck, people tend to forget that :p)


@Sketaful - thanks - an interesting read. It's making me think that it might be time to consider an upgrade - just a shame that 'old Red' was such a great wheel and is going to be a hard thing to replace. Think I'll retain my option to boot to XP (triple-boot system with W7/XP/Linux) for those games that need a wheel for the meantime.

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You do realize this post is almost 3 years old. Thanks for the input and link.

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