LogMeIn - Has anyone got this to work at all?

I'm a big fan of "Log Me In": www.logmein.com but it will not install on Windows 7 for some reason.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

Humm I just tried also, No luck....

The installer has ended prematurly....


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Try to install it in compatibility mode for either vista or XP

LogMeIn installed OK

I used the instructions here and LMI is installed and working on both my Win7 machines. Here's the instructions from that page (with a link to the file):
You may need to perform a command line install. Please click on this link and save the zip file to your desktop.
Right-click the zip file once downloaded, and select Extract to... (if you have a 3rd party extraction program, such as Winzip or WinRAR, you may use that instead). Extract the files to c:\LMI.

To open the Command Prompt:
  • In Windows 2000 or XP
    Go to Start > Run and type cmd, then hit Ok or press Enter
  • In Windows Vista
    Go to the Start Menu, and in the Instant Search bar type cmd, right click on the top result, and click run as Administrator.
To install LogMeIn:
  • In a 32-bit Operating System, or in Windows 2000:
    1. Type cd c:\lmi\x86 and hit Enter
    2. Now Type logmein install and hit Enter
  • In a 64-bit Operating system:
    1. Type cd c:\lmi\x64 and hit Enter
    2. Now Type logmein install and hit Enter
You will then receive a message that install was successful. Close the command prompt window and click "Open LogMeIn" on the message that appears, and follow the steps to assign the computer to your LogMeIn account.
If you are unsure whether you have a 64-bit Operating System (only available on XP and Vista), right-click on the My Computer icon, and choose Properties. It will say x64 on this page if you have a 64-bit Operating System. If you do not see x64, then you have a 32-bit Operating System.


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Strange, mine worked the first try with no problems.

dam, i got it installed, but now whne I try to access the pc via logmein, it hangs and crashes. all I see is a black screen, when I check the windows 7pc, its frozen, i have to pull the power

any suggestions?


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I did a clean install of Windows 7 and had to make the following changes to install LMI:

1) Set a password for the local administrator account (Control Panel / Administrative Tools / Computer Management / User Accounts / Administrator / Properties )
2) Enable the local administrator account (by unchecking the "Account is disabled" checkbox in the properties page)
3) Following the instructions referenced above with respect to extracting the ZIP and running "logmein install"

Note that the UAC dialog did NOT appear, even when I tried to execute the MSI as administrator, before making the changes to the user accounts.

It is also quite possible that the MSI would install correctly, when run as administrator, once those changes are made.

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LogMeIn Installed Fine from CMD Prompt

I use the LogMeIn Free and didn't recognize the LogMeIn-Available but I knew that I didn't want to pay for it so that was the one that I chose. It did install as the Free Version.

I'm also using LogMeIn Free. I have had no problems whatsoever. Clearly Windows 7 is not ready for prime time. There is too much variability on these installation problems. I am currently trying to get my wireless card to start working again. It has worked for 5 days with no problem. Today, it wont talk.


I installed fine but won't autostart

I did get it to work by opening up a command prompt in the "Run As Adminsitrator" mode and then from within the x86 directory (because I have 32 Bit) I typed, "LogMeIn Install". So, it was installed but now after every Reboot I have to click the "Run" button, in the Popup Dialogue Box to get it to start.:mad:

I'm a big fan of \"Log Me In\": www.logmein.com but it will not install on Windows 7 for some reason.

Does anyone know how to fix this?
Actually why bother -- Remote desktop works a treat (or use tight VNC - I prefer Remote Desktop).

Now if you have a Dynamic IP address on your remote computer (Most ISP's do these days) then use something like No-ip which is FREE (No-IP - Dynamic DNS, Static DNS for Your Dynamic IP) . You get a domain say joeblogs.anywhere.net and then you just logon to RDP with the computer name joeblogs.anywhere.net.

There's a small program that runs on your remote computer every 30 mins or so which checks your routers IP address (that's the address the EXTERNAL Internet users see) and if it changes updates the DNS servers so you can always access your remote computer via the domain name.

On your Remote computer set it up to allow remote access and on your router enable port forwarding -- for example if on your LOCAL lan the computer you want to log on to has a LOCAL IP address - that's the address you'd see if you were actually logged on to that computer then enable port 3389 to be forwarded to (you should find Port forwarding in your Routers menu -- could be called "Virtual Server or NAT" -- you'll find it in the menu easily enough.

If you have a firewall as well allow RDP and port 3389.

If your work blocks port 3389 use "Tunnelling" with Putty -- to do this is beyond the scope of this post but it DOES work --just google for info.

Why PAY for stuff when there is a FREE facility which actually works better anyway. You can copy files between remote and local computer -- on the remote computer your disks are mapped, transfer SOUND - for example play music on your laptop from music files stored on your remote computer, etc etc.

For example I listen to LIVE UK Football (Soccer) when I'm away from the UK by listening to BBC R5 from my remote computer. If I try and do this from a Non UK based computer I get "Content only valid for UK" or similar message.

The Free version of LOGMEIN is very limited and doesn't include any of these facilities.



OK I have been using LogMeIn with my Windows 7 Beta machine. It works fine but I do have one issue.

Every time that I reboot the machine it pops up with a Dialog Box asking me to approve of LogMeIn to run. I want to be able to restart the machine and have LogMeIn running (even before I log on). It works fine in my Windows Vista machine so I do not think that it is a UAC problem. I am wodering I have to change the configuration of the Services for LogMeIn.

Well, I just compared Vista to Windows 7 (after I typed the above paragraph) and didn't really see anything that needed to be changed.

hi zascar i made it working, just by downloading the previous version of logmein 3.00.606.
found it in Free LogMeIn IT Reach Download.

You can then upgrade it!

Why bother ?

No-IP is far better IMO -- works with dynamic IP -- great stuff.

It's FREE as well.

The main problem with LOGMEIN is that you are forced to use a web browser (you can as well with RDP but you don't have to).

No-IP - Dynamic DNS, Static DNS for Your Dynamic IP

Logmein only seems to be of real use if you can't use RDP or a VPN

For example if your home computer is running Windows XP HOME for example which doesn't allow remote RDP sessions).

If you are lucky enough to have a STATIC IP then use a VPN (much faster and reasonably secure but you need a bit of expertise to set it up).


Have you tried..


That works for me.

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