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I am trying to fix a problem with a machine on a small office network. There are about five machines on this network, all set to DHCP and all are members of the workgroup WORKGROUP.

One machine (RECPETIONIST) has some shares on it for all other machines to access. All machines except one can access the shares and files as necessary. Some other details:

Actual error message is: Logon Failure: Unknown username or bad password.

  • All machines are running Win7 Pro with updates.
  • RECEPTIONIST has accounts on it that match all users.
  • RECEPTIONIST has password protected sharing turned off. (Note: I have gone back and forth with this during my testing with no success).
  • INVESTIGATOR has Network Discovery turned ON and can see RECEPTIONIST.
  • INVESTIGATOR cannot see the shares that are available on RECEPTIONIST.
  • I occasionally see a message that it is looking for credentials and then gives me a UN/PWD prompt from which I cannot find any machinename/username/password combination that will allow me to get to that machine.
  • I have done extensive searching of the internet with no success. Dates are not an issue as all sync to a time server.
  • One suggestion was to use nbtstat -r. This does not show RECPETIONIST in the list.
  • Another suggestion included netsh interface IPV4 reset but that did not help at all.
  • I can map the drive by IP address, but given that I am using DHCP, this is not a viable solution.

Any suggestions or questions that can help me get this machine working properly on the network? I'm close to just wiping the disk and starting over again on this machine. I'm sure I have left out some critical details. Let me know what else to tell you.


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Turn password protected sharing back on. Addition tick Use user accounts and password to connect to other computers. All machines under private (home / Work networks)
And then go to control panel on the problem investigator machine and open the Credentials Manager Expand and wipe out (remove) any credentials associated with Receptionist.
If you can see the computer and the shares then your issue is not with NetBIOS, but more likely with credentials so this should allow you to start over the authentication process by replacing any corrupt credential related to the Receptionist's PC with shiny new ones.
From the investigator pc to the receptionist pc it should be
Tick "Remeber My Credentials"
Double confirm that the username (spelling and all) is actually correct and of course the password is identical (case sensitive)
If the user accounts and passwords match on both machines then you shouldn't even be getting an authentication prompt. Windows passthrough authentication should just let you in.
You can always test this by creating a second account on the investigator machine using credentials that you are certain work against the Receptionist machine. And logging onto the investigator machine using that account and testing the shares using that account. Then you can be certain that it is a credential issue.


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Hi. Thank you for your directions. I will be heading there shortly and will try them out. I have looked at many of those things and will report with live info as to what is going on. I have cleaned out the credentials on the INVESTIGATOR machine, but will do it again and will clean them out on RECEPTION just to make sure.

Thanks again.


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This is just me personally but I've found that when this happened to my little home network, which seemed to happen on rare occasions but frequent enough for me to call it a problem. I removed all pc's from the network and recreated the home network, this time changing the workgroup name from "workgroup" to a different name. Since then....it's been a year now...I've not had that issue at all.

Trouble has an extensive background in networking, and any advice he gives is right on. He's who I go to when I have a network issue.


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Help, I attempted 2 delete the admin account via command prompt, afterwards it said that it deleted the account, but it was still there. But afterwards something happened. Once I click on any link with the blue and yellow colored shield, it said"do you want the ff. program to make changes to your computer? And then when I typed in my password and clicked on yes, a message saying "logon failure: unknown username or bad password" showed up. I entered the correct password repeatedly but it just remained like that. Anyone who can fix this problem please? reply quickly coz i need it on friday plzzzzzzz


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Restore your PC. You can't delete Admin account. You can either rename or hide/disable it but it CANNOT be deleted. To hide it, in command prompt type:

'net user administrator /active:no'



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Restore your PC. You can't delete Admin account. You can either rename or hide/disable it but it CANNOT be deleted. To hide it, in command prompt type:

'net user administrator /active:no'

ok....so I'll just ask how to copy files without receiving the message "do you want the ff. program to make changes to your computer?" and typing the password....pls reply ASAP tnx......


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Can you not do a system restore on safe mode? It will not affect your files.

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