Logon screen after 1 minute

I have tried EVERY possible option I can think of, so if anyone has any ideas, please...

If I don't move my mouse, or type anything for 1 minute, Windows 7 automatically brigs me to the log-in screen / change user screen (locks the pc).

I have set all the power settings for sleep, hibernate, dim, turn of HDD to none, or never. I also do not have a log-in password for my username (there is only one user).

For the life of me, I can't figure out why this happens. I'm sure there's some setting I'm just not seeing, and I'm pretty sure I'll be looking like a noob in no time, but for once Google couldn't help me.....



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Do you have your screensaver set to "On resume, display logon screen"?

:eek: This never happened...

Thanks, though.

(In my defense, my screensaver was set to "None," which is why I didn't think of looking there. :redface:)


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I've accidentally checked it enough times. I know how annoying it is to be kicked back to the logon screen.;)


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Check your screen saver, even tho there is no screen saver selected, check to see if the "on resume, logon screen is checked, if it is, un-check it, then click apply.:cool:

Thanks BigFeet and Spud...Funny how Microsoft "Help" couldn't come up with an answer!

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