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Dear all,

I am having an issue with a windows 7 laptop (premium)

If I am connected to the network I am not able to logon. Once I disconnect the network cable I can logon and than I need to reconnect the cable again to be able to work properly.

If I lock the screen and I want to unlock it again I need to disconnect the network cable to be able to logon.

See the pic for the error messages: (its in dutch sorry)


We tried to remove the object in AD and added it again but no joy. All accounts (also admin accounts) on the machine have the same impact.

I would like to see if some one can resolve it for me as it becomes a nuisance.

Chrs ...


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What type of system are you running. Is this a Domain situation, are you using a server to provide some parts of your system?


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Hello and welcome to the forum.
First double check the problem computer's date and time and make sure that it is in sync or at least very closely the same as the Domain Controller responsible for authentication.
Second make sure that the problem computer is pointing correctly to the DNS server responsible for DNS name resolution for your domain.
Third try logging on locally, to the machine with a local user on the local machine. You will need to use the MachineName\UserName format in the user area of the password prompt.
Fourth try using the domain admin's fully qualified login something like Administrator@yourdomain.whatever
Fifth unjoin the domain from the local computer and make sure that you can logon on locally to it as a workgroup joined computer. Then rejoin the domain from the local computer and see if you have any further problems.


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According to what I can determine from the Bing Translator service your error seems to be;
Security policy settings on this computer are set to display data over last time interactive logon. This information cannot be retrieved. For assistance contact your network administrator.
Take a look at this Microsoft Article regarding the use and configuration of "Last Interactive Logon", especially the last paragraph concerning "Configuration Notes" it would seem that your specific error is represented there.
Active Directory Domain Services: Last Interactive Logon


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[langtitle=nl]Re: Logon with / without network connection[/langtitle]

[lang=nl][QUOTE = Saltgrass; 210488] Wat voor soort systeem je draait. Is dit een domein situatie, gebruik je een server tot bepaalde delen van uw systeem? [/ QUOTE]


Het gaat om een windows 7 (nu met SP1 was eerste niet) binnen een active directory omgeving. Alle accounts op deze laptop (ook de admin) hebben dit euvel. Op het moment dat ik aanlog zonder kabel en dan de kabel weer terug zet gaat alles goed en kan bij alle netwerk diensten alsmede exchange.[/lang]


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Re: [langtitle=nl]Re: Logon with / without network connection[/langtitle]

Try this if the above suggestions do not work:

Control Panel - Network and sharing Centre. (Icon view in the Control panel)
Click "Local Area Connection"
Click each of the Internet Protocol Versions (6 and 4) in turn.
Make sure, in each case, you have the adresses set to "obtain an (** ) address automatically"


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Re: [langtitle=nl]Re: Logon with / without network connection[/langtitle]

[lang=nl]IP technisch werkt alles goed de machine krijgt een IP en de rest van de IP settings.[/lang]


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Re: [langtitle=nl]Re: Logon with / without network connection[/langtitle]

Did you read the information contained in the post that I linked to above?
Active Directory Domain Services: Last Interactive Logon
Did you talk to your domain administrator regarding the problem?
Does this only occur on one machine? Do you have other Windows 7 or Windows Vista machines joined to the domain?


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Re: [langtitle=nl]Re: Logon with / without network connection[/langtitle]

[lang=nl]ja het is een groot (bedrijfs) netwerk XP / Win7 nu ca 60 Win7 en 600 xp (steeds meer Win7 daar XP uitgefaseerd wordt.)
De systeem admins kennen de situatie en hebben ook al een en ander gedaan maar niets heeft nog effect gehad. Ik ben ervan overtuigt dat het een registry issue ofzo is maar welke.... De settings uit de link zetten volgens de admins hier alleen de melding aan / uit van de previous login. Ik ben de enige met dit effect zat in de win7 pilot groep en heb in het begin wel wat zitten proberen alvorens ik dit effect kreeg.[/lang]

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