Looking For Some Advice On Purchasing An Android Or Windows Tablet.

Currently I'm attending college and I'm looking for a tablet that I can carry with me that has the following features.

Ability to display my e-text books. I should be able to convert them all to a pdf, so I really just need it to display pdfs well.

Full internet experience. Browser + Flash + Java + whatever.

Some sort of way for me to take notes and add in custom drawn stuff. That means a good enough touch screen for me to use a pen to scribble in Calculus stuff, or general notes and have them not be choppy. Along the same lines, if they have software for actually taking notes that's a huge plus.

Anybody know of some good tablets that work well for this sort of thing, or have successfully used a particular tablet for these activities? I'm also looking for as cheap as possible without being a non working piece of crap. XD

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