Looking to overclock a Q6600 a bit.

So I've never overclocked anything before, so I'm really looking for some detailed help in overclocking my Q6600, which is an Intel 2 Quad Core 2.4GHZ for those who don't know model numbers. Anyways I've been told that multiple cores are really only any good for 64 bit software and seeing as a lot of the software I use is 32 bit its runs on only one core and is fairly slow.

So I would like to get my CPU up to about 2.8-3.2Ghz. However, I am using the the Fan/Heatsink/Thermal Paste that came with the CPU in the box. I have a cooler master case, and I have checked the Core temps occasionally and they are usually running at avg temperatures or below so I think I have a little bit of wiggle room there.

I have tried looking at the bios settings for overclocking and there is an automatic overclocking option there, but I'm wary to apply it, because I know your supposed to raise things by tiny bits at a time. I also have no idea what the voltage/wattage settings mean.

Any help is greatly greatly appreciated. :)


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Basically FSB x Multiplier = Clockspeed, so if you set your FSB in the BIOS to 300, it will give you 2.7 as your multiplier is 9. Should be fine on stock cooling and voltages. I wouldnt go much further than that. Keep an eye on your temps with Real Temp too. After your done, run Prime95 for a couple of hours to make sure its stable, theres nothing to it just run the blend test. Im sure it will be fine but if its not, slowly increase the Vcore voltage 1 step at a time until it is. More Vcore = more heat.

If you wanted to go further, you should really jump on some overclocking boards and start reading. You will also need a better cooler, I recommend a Thermalright Ultra-120 eXtreme.

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So I did that, and it seems to be running nicely, but the temps are around 68-73 degrees, is that too hot? This is while the prime95 thing is running though.

Thanks btw.

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Thats on the higher limit I would be comfortable with. But Ive run a Q9450 at those temps with all four cores maxed out before with no trouble. I guess it comes down to how comfortable you are with the temps. As long as you dont let it get over 70 for everyday use I guess. What does it say on the box for its max temps?
Do you game? Id run a game for a while and see what temps it pulls. I try to keep my CPU below 60 but others alow theirs to get a lot higher. Search around for how hot others run their Q6600.

They all max out at 73. I will look around. Also if it does get too much for the CPU the computer will shut itself off before any permanent damage happens right?


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Yes, that what those distance to TJ Max numbers are. I wouldnt let it get that far though. As long as its not getting that hot all the time for very long you should be right.

well right now its doing those prime95 test which I am assuming is why its running so hot? Though the ambient temperature is high as well, which is probably attributing to the temps as well.

Yeah I stopped Prime95 after a while and now the temps are at like 50C. :) Yay

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I managed to get mine stable 3.6ghz on air (My case has a 250mm side panel fan, and CPU has a very good Zalman copper cooler) although for the video card I have the gains were of little benefit due to GPU bottlenecks so back to stock now, till I get a newer GPU.

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