Looping Last Sound When Gaming

I am extremely tired from posting this.

My laptop specs are:
Dell XPS L502x
Intel I7
Intel HD Graphics Family
Nividia Geforce GT 540m
Realtek High Defintion Audio

Okay, so whenever I game, eventually and randomly, my game will freeze and loop the last sound. I'm not even kidding, it loops the last like half second of a sound which is extremely annoying no matter what it is because it just sounds like a loud thud going on forever. I have to reboot every single time this happens and I think it's hurting my laptop.

So many said my laptop may be overheating, so I got a program called SpeedFan, and tweaked it so the temperature offset would be negative which would make my laptop cooler. According to it, it did go cooler with the setttings before/after using the program.

The left side still emits heat, but not that hot with the program.

As for this model, I believe that I have to take apart the entire laptop to get to the fan.
-_- I've seen how to disassemble this model and that is the only way to. I don't think I am able to clean my fan sicne I don't plan on risking to take apart this entire laptop.

So I was watching the temperatures, before using the program, the temperature was always around 150-170 degrees farenheit, afterwards, it said it was at like -something which the air seemed be cooler or at least the offset measure.

I'm not sure if my laptop is overheating, but when I took out the piece on the bottom pinned by 3 screws, there wasn't much dust inside.

This all started when I had updated my Nvidia Drivers, I really regret doing this. So stupid game GTA IV can't detect system specs, so you had to use special commands for it to realize what specs you have. If I could, I'd sue them for screwing up my laptop. Everyone told me to update my drivers.

Previously, I could play games like Deus Ex Human Revolution fine, I played the entire game twice with not a single freeze and looping sound/crash. Fine.

Right after I installed any of the new nvidia drivers from their website? Occassional freezes and looping the last sound played.

It seems that when I had bought this prebuilt Dell Laptop, it had epic drivers for itself and I was never suppose to update the perfect drivers.

Then, everything was messed up once I updated my nvidia driver....

Maybe, incompatible with the version of my realtek hd audio, that's why i installed all the old drivers from the driver disk the laptop came with. still didn't work, they had corrupted drivers too, or something.

So I honestly don't know what to do. I remember a few months ago, I tried downloading a realtek hd audio driver, wow i lost sound for 3 days straight, no one on the internet knew and kept on insisting to install other drivers when I had to type 2 lines in the command prompt.

So yea, I know many people have had this problem. It's been a year, this started happening around half a year ago, not sure if there's still customer service, but I am very dissapointed with this. I bought it with the nvidia geforce gt 540m card for NOTHING. The laptop can't even support it and the realtek hd audio crap, if there's no solution. I'm guaranteed to never buy from Dell ever again. :mad:


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150-170 ° F is pretty hot if not already gaming.

Does you system has the ability to switch graphics depending on the need, and can you disable that and just use one or the other?

Sometimes you can roll back drivers, but you may be beyond that now. To reinstall your old ones, you may need to uninstall the current ones and then put your own it.

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