Loosing all data, and files from yesterday

Hi, look what happened... I lost evry data or files I downloaded and putted in comp. yesterday in my win 7 ultimate, even the movies I downloaded in utorrent... yesterday was here, today disappiered.... What is that???

Joe S

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Have you checked for viruses and malware? Torrent sites can be risky to sue.


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The torrent sites that allow downloading of copyrighted movies are especially vulnerable to malware and viruses. What security apps do you have in place on your PC? What firewalls are you using? Have you scanned with AV/AM apps. One particularly useful app is MalewarBytes.

I will absolutely, aslo, support this! P2P sites, downloading from things such as utorrent, bittorent, etc IS DEFINATELY VERY DANGEROUS!

It is fitting advice to be rid of all that stuff, cease using it & anything from same is suspect, too. Malwarebytes is, rightly the thing to run.

Also, make sure all MS Updates are in & recommended is MSE for security, running Full Scans daily. IF not using it, run a Full Scan w/ Defender, as well as Malwarebytes. Recommended is the Win7 OS Firewall... or that and sitting behind a router. Use no silly Reg Tuners/FIXers


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