lose of duel boot facility

I have been duel booting with vista / windows 7 for about a week .
today a small change to my vista configuration (systen configuration) was made and after rebooting windows 7 had dissapeared from the sytsem configeration utility.
I an still able to see the Windows7 partition but cannot boot windows 7.

Most of us would recommend that you first try EasyBCD, a free program, to help set up your dual booting situation again. If the partition for Win 7 is still there, EasyBCD should be able to locate it and help get you get going.

It happen to me also, just F12 and boot from W7 CD and when it asked just hit repair, and you will be back up & running.

Thanks guys back up and working. Used the repair option on this occasion but wll look into easy bcd for future use

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