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May 14, 2009
Hey everyone. I've had this problem since build 7077; really hope someone can help. I'm runnin the RC now.

Everytime I open up uTorrent and try to download or seed, I lose my internet connection completely. I have to keep resetting my modem in order to regain my connection. At first I thought it was uTorrent, but I don't have this problem in Windows XP or Vista. Like I said, the problem started in build 7077 for me. I thought installing the RC would have solved it but it didn't.

I don't have a router and this only happens in Windows 7. Does anyone know what's going on and can help me?

Hello and welcome to the window7 forums,

Provide specs for your computer

Did you do a "clean" install or an upgrade?

Are you dual-booting now?

32-bit or 64-bit?
Sorry for the lack of information. Here're my specs. I did a clean install of Windows 7.

Intel Pentium 4 Processor 3.20GHz
Hard Drive: 160GB Internal/750GB External
OS: Windows 7 RC/Windows XP MCE 2005 (Dual boot), 32-bit

Thanks again!
What is the make and model of your network card/?

Download this free utility that will give you that information, plus many detailed specs on all parts of your system''
|MG| SIW (System Info) 2009.5.12

Look in Device manager and see if any entries have a yellow flag beside it.
Not sure if this is what you mean, but under "Networks" in the Device Manager, it says, "Intel PRO/1000 PL Network Connection."

There aren't any yellow flags except for one that says PCI Imput Device, but I'm pretty sure that's my video card so it shouldn't be causing any problems with my internet connection.
sorry one more question.

is this a laptop or Desktop?

i also need to know the chipset you are using.

the file download will give you that info.
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Me too

I have and HP laptop with atheros wifi, and this is happening to me also. I usually plug/unplug my router and the problem is solved. But my thinking, is since this is happening under Vista to me to, is that the TC/IP is getting corrupted. The problem sometimes resolves itself after a few minutes. Running Network diagnostics, it poped up a message about re-setting the adapter. This leads me to belive the problem is in theOS, as I never have this happen under Unbuntu.
I'm having the same problem. I find that starting the network diagnostics. It seems to reset something, and the network retrurns for awhile. KAV pops upduring this to ask permission to run SVCHOST.EXE permision to run. Added it to the trusted object. And we'll see how that goes.
God I hate Atheros chipsets!!
Make sure SVCHOST.EXE is in the C:\windows\system32 folder and the C:\windows\wisxs folders.

If it resides somewhere else, you may have a virus or malware on your computer.
Will try the Ip renewel thing. Should the svchost.eve reside in BOTH directories, or in either? I find only one instance of it in the System32 directory.
Yes, only one instance in the system32 directory and two in the winsxs directory.

As long as there is no svchost.eve in the C:\Program Files directory, you are safe.
Ouch I have just the one in system32. Where are they suppose to be in the winsxs directory??

Correction I do have 2 in the winsxs dicertory. But one of them is named svchost.exe.mui. Is that the correct name??
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Hey again guys, sorry for the delay in replying. I haven't been able to get to my computer in a while. Anyway, I'm still have the problem. But it seems to be happening with any P2P program.

Whenever I start up programs like uTorrent, LimeWire or eMule, my connection is lost and I have to reset the modem to regain the connection. Any idea what's going on? This is getting pretty frustrating. :(
I also continue to experince this. I've had some success with typing ipconfig \release and then ipconfig \renew in an elvated command prompt.
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