Losing my hair! - Win 7pro to xp pro - wheel mouse will not scroll

Hi Folks,

I find this strange.. that when I use rpd from my Windows 7 Pro PC to my XP-Pro PC the wheel on the mouse will not work - the mouse works but when you use the wheel the window does not go up or down.
The mouse works and everything else but not the wheel.

It must be Windows 7 because if I log in Xp to Xp it works.

I tried another Win 7 PC to XP-Pro same thing!

Anyone else have this problem and if you did, how did you resolve it?



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First, try a different mouse or try your mouse on a different computer. If it works, your mouse is broken. If not here are some suggestions:

1. Try to update the mouse drivers. (what mouse is it? model\make)

2. Check out this article from Microsoft:
Resolve problems with mouse button or scrolling settings

3. Try this: Make Your Scroll Wheel Work in Every Window | PCWorld

Update us on your progress.

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