Windows 7 Losing XP after installing Windows 7


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Feb 6, 2009
Hi, I have succesfully installed Windows 7 a couple of times on my HP zd8000 laptop and everything runs very smooth except the fact that I always loose the ability to dual boot with XP, I have a 100GB hard drive which is formatted in two partitions using gParted. The frist partition holds XP and then I can always install 7 on the second partition but during installation it never sees my XP partition and upon boot it automaticly boots into 7 without the option of choosing XP. How can I fix this ?

I would suggest using the program EasyBCD to modify your boot manager.. ;) It's a very easy to use program and lets you setup the boot manager pretty much however you want to.. it's available here:

Download EasyBCD 1.7.2 - NeoSmart Technologies

If you still can't get it to work after messing around with EasyBCD, let me know... ;)
I forgot to mention that, I tried that too but even EasyBCD couldn't detect the XP partition, every time I ended up re-installing XP and losing Windows 7...


Also, I noticed that after installing Windows 7 it automaticle named it's partition the C: drive and the XP somehow ends up being on the D: drive while before installation my XP resides on the C: drive and the empty partition is the D: drive. Maybe I should install XP first on the second partition (D) and then install Windows 7 on the C drive ?

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