Loss of English (uk) keyboard settings.

I have somehow lost the Keyboard settings for English langauge (uk). The problem occurred today the first time I booted up. It seemed to boot fine at first, then I attempted to load IE. This took an inordinate amount of time. I then attempted to open task manager. Instead I just got a black screen. So I hit the restart button. Windows then opened as normal. However I soon discovered that my keyboard settings had changed. I went into control panel, region and languages, keyboard and languanges then change keyboard and then the general tab. There is blank space where default input langauge is, should be. !!!! Underneath in the installed services, this is again blank. (As I can type, I'm assuming that the US is the Automatic default setting) I then go in to the Add tab for the installed services and attempt to find English (UK), however it is not there. It should be between Trinidad & Tobago and United States. But it's not there. Does any know why/how this happened and how to recitfy it. I suspect that this problem may all have started as today is the first day of GMT, not BST (DST), and automatice changes may have affected something. I'm just guessing though.

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