Lost ability to sort a folder contents in icon view

Vista allowed the contents of a window to be sorted by name, date modified, etc in any view -- but it appears Windows 7 drops that menu bar for all views other than "details" view. I can right-click within the box to sort, but it's very inefficient. Any way to retain that detail bar in all views?



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I guess I do not understand exactly what you need. Is this a toolbar menu you are looking for? Otherwise, I haven't noticed much difference.

Certain folders may behave differently so you might check other types.

screenshots to explain missing sort options

I've highlighted in yellow the bar that seems to disappear when I am in icon view. My Vista machine displays that handy bar no matter what view I've chosen.

Thank you!



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I see what you mean, but right now all I might say is there is only one category on the other views, so the top line would have no meaning.

I will look for a way to add other information to those views which could be annoted across the top, but right now I do not know how.

Thank you for looking into this. I'm adding a link here with a snapshot of how the sort menu is shown in Vista, even in icon mode where there is only one category. It was just so easy to sort by file name or date modified this way.....


Has anyone found a solution to this problem?

I too really miss the "sort by" column headers in ALL views.

Again, right now (as far as I know), the only way to display those column headers, is to be in DETAILS view, or switch to the Windows Classic theme.


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