Windows Vista Lost Admin Tool info in control panel

I somehow have lost all the info in my
Administritation Tool in the control panel. I can set up shortcuts for most of the operations, but I would like to reset. I need to know where I can find this in Win Explorer and what registry entries should be fixed.

Thank You


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Hi!! I'm not sure exactly, but one way would be to use a system restore disc. There is a disc that comes from the factory that restores certain systems after they've been erased. I took out my Recovery Manager and put a new one in, using that kind of disc. Then there is restoring files from a back-up. I assume that you have no time to test those files, lets hope they are in good condition. Here are the steps. (They assume that, if your whole hard drive did indeed die, you have already replaced it and reinstalled Windows Vista.) 1. Choose Start----Control Panel. Under the System and Maintenance heading, click "Back up your computer" You're back at the Back-Up and Restore Center: 2. "Click- Restore files" A screen appears, asking whether you want to restore files from your most recent back-up. 3. Click "Files from the latest back-up" and Click Next. If you chose to restore from a previous back-up, you'll be shown a list of back-up dates; chose the one you want. Now you arrive at the weird little screen, It says restore files- Select the files and folders to restore. Click "Add files" to restore individual files, or "Add folders" to restore individual folders. Note that at this point, although it may look like you're browsing through your hard disk, you're not. You"re only browsing the back-up that you have made. You can also search for files, if you're sure where a file is that you want to back up. Click Search, type what you're looking for, and add the file or files. 5. Click "Start restore" Backup now starts copying files and folders back from the back-up to your hard drive. If you've chosen to save files to their original locations, you may be asked what you want to happen if the original files are still there. Do you want the back-up copies to "win", do you want to keep the originals, or do you want to keep both? If you choose to keep both, the restored file gets a (2) after it. So the original file would be budget.doc, for instance, and the copy would be budget(2).doc. Complete PC Backup- When your hard disk crashes, you lose more than just your personal files. You also lose your operating system and it's settings== and all the programs you've installed. It can take you a very long time to restore your PC to that state. Make the Image== To make a Complete PC Backup, choose Start==Control Panel, Under the System and Maintence heading, Click "Back up your computer". On the following screen, click "Back up computer". On the following screen, click "Back up computer" again (instead of "back up files"). As described in the previous steps, you're now asked where you want to store the back-up image. But your options aren't quite the same this time: You can't back up to a network folder. You can only back up to hard disks or removable disks that are formatted with the NTFS file system. after you make your selection, click Next. You'll be shown your back up location as a way for you to confirm it. You'll also be told how many discs you'll need; be prepared, because if you're backing up to CD's or DVD's, you'll probably need a lot of them. Click "start backup"; the backup begins. You'll be prompted when you need to insert new DVD's or other discs. Resore the Image= Restoring your entire system using Complete PC Restore is very easy. From the Backup and Restore Center, click Restore Computer, and follow the prompts. Just be forwarned that this process reformats your hard drive, and in the process wipesout all your data and files. They'll be replaced with the Windows Complete PC Restore snapshot, and with the data from the most recent backup you've made. Maybe Kemical knows an easier way----Sincerely, Celestra P.S.- Part of this is repeat if you already know it. Have you tried a system restore point???????

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