Lost all 4 library files - music,docs,etc

my aunt has new toshiba laptop win7 ran fine 2months then one day no folders in libraries - i don't know what she did, but i can't find and when i try right click default folders nothing happens - i have used search,etc cant find any of the four usually lib folders - any ideas?
thanks in advance for your help - counclejimmy


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I think libraries are just pointers to other folders. If you go to Users-Your user, you don't show a My Documents folder or My Pictures?

Not in user -when i do search i find shared docs but only one no user docs folder - thks


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If you do not see a My Documents folder in your User folder, try this. Make a new folder and call it My Documents. Then right click and select "restore previous". If that works, do it for My Pictures and My Music and My Videos. Or you might be able to go to libraries and select New Library. Name it the same as previous and maybe try doing the restore previous on that.

I notice if you right click on Libraries, there is an option to restore default libraries

You might also try running a system files checker. Open an administrative command window and type the following..

SFC /scannow

Perhaps the system will reinstall those folders for you.

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Saltgrass - tried everything no luck - decided to restore to first restore date - still no library files - so reversed restore back to todays date and everything reappeared as if nothing had happened - no idea why this worked: another windows mystery - would be interested to know if you hear of this happening to someone else. Thank you for your help - counclejimmy

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