lost .as files after system recovery

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by shriek, Dec 3, 2009.

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    Dec 3, 2009
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    Hi, I was working in Flash CS4 when I had a BSoD (not the first one while working... but this a whole another story). After reboot I was asked to boot into recovery mode... after a brief scan in recovery mode I was asked if I wanted to restore to a previous system state which I accepted.

    After this I rebooted into the system but I did not realize any changes until I tried to compile the swf I was working on from the fla file. The .as file was gone! so I lost all the code for this project! it wasn't the only .as file gone... other .as files in the same forlder where gone as well, but surprisingly one wasn't.

    I searched the system for ANY .as files and it didnt find the one I was looking for. Funny enough it found some of the other deleted .as files but they where in fact NOT THERE.

    I wonder if anyone had this experience and/or provide an explanation to this mystery.

    thanks in advance

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