Lost documents, "unresponsive" folders

Documents that I saved remained in the Wordpad recent documents for a couple of days, then disappeared, then a search found no trace of the documents. Indexing is on for the whole drive. They are not in any folders that I can find.
And a perhaps related problem - the Library had labeled both My documents and Public documents to be "unresponsive" (when viewing the library "locations" box) I removed them both from the library, then added them back. Now the Public docs lost it's "unresponsive" label, but the My docs still has it.
Sure would be nice to know where those docs are...
Thanks for your help!

Win 7 64 bit retail with recent updates

Anyone see a folder labeled as "unresponsive"??:confused:

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When you removed them, did they go to the recycle bin, if so do not empty it yet.

In my install, WordPad stores documents by default in the Documents folder. Not necessarily the My Documents folder, although they may be the same.

The changes in OSes and folders causes problems. Did you do an in-place upgrade from Vista?

Did you bring any previous documents form a prior OS?

The search function has to be watched closely. It may not be searching all of your drive, even though you say the entire drive is indexed.

Fixed Corrupted Folder

I have a Clean install, all created in this OS.....
I appreciate what you said about the search function and I could poke around with that,
But I think the issue must relate to the "unresponsive" My documents folder. I can only assume that the docs were saved there by default, and that the folder got corrupted.
Just to be clear, Windows itself shows a label under the My Doc's folder which actually says Unresponsive when viewed in the Library window "Locations" box.

OK - I fixed the folder for now. Go to the folder location in Explorer. Right-click for "properties". Go the "previous version" tab. Pick an earlier version ( I picked the earliest listed). It restores it to pre-corruption state.

Good Job!

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Hopefully your process will permanently fix your problem. The searches I did, I ran across such topics as:
Have you moved the location of the folder.
Are you using them offline.
Are they included in the indexing process in Control Panel.

If you problem comes back you might look into these.

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