Lost 'my recent places' folder in windows explorer

Help! I've lost the very handy 'my recent places' folder in windows explorer, and my favourites (yellow star) folder is now empty and I can't drag anything into it.

Anyone know what's going on here? I dunno why it happened, but I'd like these very useful features back.

I'm using a new version of windows 7 pro, a licensed student version, not sure the exact build, but recently downloaded from MS.

Thanks for any tips

Tried that already, thanks for tip. No change, and still no ability to drag items into favourites - just get the red NO icon telling my I can't do it. This is from the C drive. I know sometimes favourites is fussy about items from other hard drives, but this is the system drive.

I see from this image that "recent places" is in fact part of the favourites folder


I couldn't remember if it was a separate entry, but now I know.

So to rephrase my question, I need to restore my favourites folder in Win 7 navigation pane, and right click - > restore links hasn't worked. Thanks again

solved thanks to this thread Solved Favorites not working - Windows 7 Forums

basically micrsoft are retards. if you delete c: users / you / Links folder then the favourites items disappear

Some retard forgot to add code to recreate the folder when you right click and choose "restore favorites link"

Problem solved.

The same thing happened to me and all my files I uploaded disappeared "somewhere" and Thank you RAK the "Right click the "Favorites" Star and select "restore favorite links" worked for me.

Thank you.

Right click the "Favorites" Star and select "restore favorite links"
Thank you RAK it happen to me too long ago, finally i can look at my computer just like the other hahaha.

Thanks, RAK!

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