Windows 7 Lost Partition after sharing it


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I shared a partition in 7 to access some files from my laptop and now today it's as if the partition was never formated, coincidence?? Its on the same drive that I installed 7 on, actually it's one of 3 partitions on that drive.
Only wish that it didn't happen to a partition that had so much info on it!!!!
Is there anything that can be done to recover my files? Maybe some good software?
I tryed a system restore and that didn't work. Oh ya I also realized that you can't unrestore a restore point in 7 eather and that sucks!!!
The other thing I tryed was to access it from the XP side of this PC, but it had the same problems so it's definately a lost partition.


Well I figured out that when I shared this partition somehow it lost all permissions to access it.

I don't know much about assigning permissions for drives or files but I'm figuring it out. I have to take ownership of each folder and then I can use it,,,, what a pain!!

Anyone ever hear of a problem like this?
Yea sems too be access problem, ul need too take ownership back for that hardrive, i had same issues whit folders when i did a clean install of windows 7 RC.

I don't know if you're running the 32-bit edition, but there is a patch from Windows Update that fixes permission problems. It does not apply to the 64-bit edition.
Thanks for the info. Running the x64, sorry should have added that right away.
When I shared that partition, for some reason it changed the icon for that letter to a removable drive icon in my computer. I was able to remove the files I needed then formatted the drive, but no luck, same icon.
I did find a way around it, once formatted I changed the drive letter. Kinda cheating I know but it works. At least I have the drive back.

Didn't start the pc in XP yet, I'll do that tonight, don't have 10 minutes to wait for it to start. It's so nice when I turn 7 cold and in less than 2 minutes I can use it.

Only wish it would sleep without restarting constantly. It always worked in XP, but not in 7, RC or beta.... hmm

Still love this operating sys..
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