lost product key - MS Store link?

i'd imagine i'm not the first to do this, but i no longer have my product key.

I bought windows 7 professional x64 back in november, when MS had the student deal for windows 7 on. i purchased the backup disc as well. so in december i installed windows 7, everything was fine and dandy.
however, earlier this week i did a format on my hard drive, and idiotically did not think to write down the product key before doing the format. (the backup disc does not have the product key on it)

my product key is on my account on the MS store where i purchased my copy from. (i used the store to get my key when i first installed it and linked to the store from here [FONT=&quot][/FONT]). I can't find the link to the store though. it isn't this store.

If anyone can point me in the direction of the link, or let me know the best means of getting the product key, it would be much appreciated!

thank you!

thanks for the fast reply!
i should have mentioned it in my first post, but i'm from Canada (which for the life of me, i cannot find the microsoft canada store). Will that site still work for me?

Sadly I'm in the same situation as you :(

As Moto man I've also lost my windows 7 product key and I'm not able to find it anywhere.

If anyone knows what I should do, please reply.

Thanks, Froop


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You should phone Microsoft support
This should put you directly through to a relevant section, if not they should be able to point you there.
They, or Digital River (their partner company the deal was offered through) should be able to assist you in the recovery process :)

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motoman and froopo;
did either one of you print out your invoice or your online store order. This is exactly why I print these out. Proof of purchase on your part with the invoice and product key code on the store order. If you have, that's where I would start looking first. If not you will have to contact them directly via email/phone. I got my copy of window through the MS student deal as well.

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Besides printing out I also use an email account like Yahoo, Hotmail, etc and save the email of invoice there. It's still recoverable from another PC.

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