Windows Vista lost recycle bin / nvidia display drivers



sorry for not registering but i thought id help a few beta testers out

being one my self and using a nvidia gforce 6800ultra

you can use the older 77,xx drivers available here , please note that using these drivers disables the glass effect, they are better than the alpha drivers from the nvidia website and the bundled ones that install with vista, and will even run a heavy intensive game (F.E.A.R)

also just a quick question

iv managed to delete the recycle bin from the desktop tho i cant find, how to get it back?, even when i go to view in explorer and replace or use a short cut from the hidden recycle bin in c:\, it doesn't delete the contents of the recycle bin as it doesn't ask for conformation

so I'm guessing this has something to do with it

also (yes i know its a beta, I'm a tester) but am i the only one experiencing problems with IE7 with certain web pages not opening , i need to know before i submit a bug report, as i cant seem to get on the Microsoft's website from with in vista and when i try and open my hot mail account email in box i have errors on the page so can not view my emails

FireFox web browser seems to be the same, massive page opening slowdown some times not even opening, but i can open emails from Msn hot mail, but only if i use the msn website and log in from there

I'm using the latest build 53.42 of vista (codename longhorn)

any help would be appreciated
I concluded IE7 was really buggy when I tried it.. when you go to some news sites like Slashdot or Digg the pages look messed up.

Does your drive seem active even when you're idle or not using the system?

Firefox running slow is strange. Could be indexing/desktop search slowing down the drive?

Post your system specs?
system specs are as follows

P4 Intel 3.0gig socket 775 800mhz fsb
768meg ddr 3200 @ 400mhz (3 x 256meg)
1 x maxtor 80gig 7500rpm hdd (IDE) space 35gig (windows Xp sp2)
1 x Weston digital 250gig 7500rpm hdd (IDE) space 205gig (Windows vista 52.43 build)
Gforce 6800ultra AGP x8 aperture 500meg (drivers as stated above)
sound card is on-board AC97 (can be choppy every now and then but its livable for a beta running a windows xp driver)

cd/dvd roms not included as these rarely seem to cause a problem

I'm testing IE7 with some new software my company is working on, so i need to access the internet after uploading pages to our data base.

trying to pin point if its something with in windows vista or its something within our coding,
if its something with in our coding then we need optimise it to run with in IE7

its fine with in Xp but not vista, so now its just a case of testing

(vista) hdd is working hard when trying to access pages even when using FireFox, but regularly gets to the point where i just have to close the window and try again

if its any help, it is on a brand new hdd, each build of vista we get has its own new hard drive to avoid conflict and possible errors dew to vista being in beta stages

P.S any news on the recycle bin, amazing how such a small program can make all the difference once its not available
sorry for the double post, forgot to mention that the hdd is not active when just the desktop or idling with in IE7
Theres a registry fix for recycle bin missing from desktop on XP but since you are in Vista it almost definately will not work.
probably the other software you are running.

it doesnt seem like people are having problems this severe. most of the reviews say its fairly stable.

if you're still out there somewhere i suggest you remove the software and see if it still happens.
well, iv taken the software off, even ran regedit to make sure, tho still experiencing the same issues with IE7

well tonight I'm logging back in, so i can download a new ISO so ill try that, see if i just have a corrupt download
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