lost SWF file association in Vista

hi everyone... just installed adobe creative suite 4 and just before that i had installed adobe CS3... and after installing CS4, my SWF files just won't open anymore... it give's me: 'Error executing program!' i'm using Vista 64bit Ultimate btw... how can i set this manually? cause i know Flash Player doesn't have an EXE which should i associate the SWF files to... and i've tried installing uninstalling over and over Flash Player with no result...

can someone help out on this one?

thanks in advanced!


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Hi dpc,

when you say you've uninstalled the flash player, how exactly did you do it? Did you use the uninstaller thats found on the flash player site? If so, try running it a couple of times as you may have multiple copies installed.
Also check out this page here, it may be of some help:

Play SWF Player

i don't want to be rude... but i'm not exactly a noob u know... of course i've uninstalled Flash Player using the uninstaller... an no i don't have multiple copies installed... and yes i know i can run any SWF file in a browser but i don't want to do that... i just want the damn SWF to open in the stand alone Flash Player... am i asking too much from Vista?? why doesn't the flash player show up as an installed porgram in the Open With list?? the M$ guys seem to go by the code "broke something that's fixed!"

any other sugestions anyone??

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