love 7 but many problems arise

unfortunately i can't make this post to 1 problem specific...

heres the deal, i was on XP and i waited for 7, now using Home Premium and i like 7 very much
but some things are realy weird and buggy.
i use untouched (final version) installation, it was fresh after format, my pc is well capable for 7, my drivers are for 7,
i got no BSOD's and via NOD32 (was only one i could install to work normal) report is NO viruses + i use firewall (outpost)
no modification was made on ISO which was burned on 7x speed and installs OS inside 25 minutes.


1. System Restore, i cant even run it, every time i try i get this:

2. svchost has extreme CPU usage, if i kill it via task manager, system starts to act weird and i lose sound reproduction capability, if i run music player or watch movie in movie player, system is choked:

3. When CD/DVD is inserted and i get that splash screen of choices, and select to open folder to view contents,
every so little i get below folder in explorer added task that is on waiting "to burn desktop.ini" on disk

4. some programs (i came to 3 or 4 in last 2 days) after exit stay as process in task manager, they continue
to drain system resources, they cannot be killed via task manager or cmd taskkill, sysinternals pskill or process explorer,
some if ran again duplicate its process and also cannot be killed, logoff doesn't help, only solution is reboot

5. dont know if this is native so, but if i disable aero snap in control panel, i will lose aero shake too (which is stupid IMO)

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Hello and welcome to the windows7forums.

Did you perform a "clean" install or an upgrade from XP? Upgrading from XP leaves hundreds of useless files on your system.

Go to Start, Control Panel > Device Manager and see if there are any yellow flags present.

Please fill out your computer specifications under the UserCP at the left top of the page to make it easier for us to troubleshoot.


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You don't show much of what is running in processes. Maybe something nasty there.
Fwiw. This may have nothing to do with your problem but - I had an overheating problem on one of my Laptops. I installed "speedfan" and it did awful things to my normal smooth running. I was forced to uninstall it again. Something to do with the program, and the fan, was still lingering, and in the end I had to do a reinstall.


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Reburn the iso using speed no faster than 4x... Then re-install 7


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Could you repost the screenshot of the processes and click on the memory tab to bring up the processes that are using the most amount of memory.

I see your CPU usage is maxed out at 100%


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Could you repost the screenshot of the processes and click on the memory tab to bring up the processes that are using the most amount of memory.

I see your CPU usage is maxed out at 100%
Right. And That is what speedfan did to me!

- no i did not upgrade, i said in begining it was clean install, formated via 7 installation system

- i have NO yellow flags in device manager, all drivers are installed OK

- my PC specs are:
CPU: Celeron D 2.4 GHz (1 core)
RAM: 2x512 MB (DDR 1)
GPU: Nvidia GeForce 6600 GT Galaxy

- overheat is not problem, CPU is at 65 Celsius, GPU is at 60 Celsius, Internal temp 42 Celsius

- yes my cpu was at 100% coz 65 was ate by svchost i selected on screenie and rest went on
other few services

full list:
(you will notice 2 bitche.exe at top which CANNOT be killed)

- no speedfan doesnt eat my cpu

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Found this??

I also have the Nvidia library unticked from my Msconfig, with no apparent effects, but I do not use extensive graphic programs a great deal.


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Go to msconfig and uncheck everything, except your anti-virus, spyware detector, and /or personal firewall if you have one.

I need you to restart your computer and do not start any programs except your browser, then post back with the screen shot.

I need to see the applications that are using the highest amount of memory at the top.

Right now, you have way too many processes running.


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I dont know what anyone else thinks but 65C is a very high temp for the CPU. mine never goes above about 40C with 100% CPU.
I will not chip in anymore as I think what Reg and Kem say shows they are on the right track. I sure would try a slower burn of the DVD though.


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I thought the burn speed of 7x was perhaps where the blame lay. Reburning at the lower speed of 4x may prove to be the fix?


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When my CPU temp went up once I found that the fins of the CPU cooler were full of dust also sometimes filters, if you have them on the case fans, can get blocked with dust.


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Are you using an Intel Chipset?

Intel® Chipset Software Installation Utility - Intel® Chipset Software Installation Utility support

Lets go down the driver troubleshooting path.

Windows Key + R
Type devmgmt.msc

What do you have.. anything that looks like its disabled, lacking a driver or not working properly? When you clean install you are using Microsoft compatibility drivers for a big portion of your hardware.

Hard drive setup? Sounds like an I/O problem accessing the drives? Intel Matrix Storage Utility: Download Search Results

Ignore the fact that there may be no Windows 7 option on these downloads... use Windows Vista drivers for now...

A possibility to solve the problem.

- i removed all services from "Services" since startup has all you see in screenshot

- burning ISO on 4x or 7x matters not, the installation is NOT corrupted, if it was caused by speed then i wouldnt be able to install OS at all, let alone read it in drive

- device manager (as you see) shows no conflicts with HDD or any driver, only VGA and my Sound (C-Media) use Factory Win7 drivers, monitor uses Win2000 driver, so is my NIC
everything else is generic by Microsoft

- I do use Intell Main Board but i did not installed chipset drivers (yet)

- the download link provided (as i see) is for SATA disks i have old PATA Western Digital 60 (55) GB
(WD WD600BB 60.0GB Hard Drive UDMA100 (WD600BB-00CAA1))

- the empty MSCONFIG resulted in this:

- after that i enabled all in msconfig, and CPU is back on 100% BUT sys restore works :p (lol 1 good news)

hope this info helps you in some ideas :)
and THANKS for effort in helping ! i do apreciate alot


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The Bit_Che is a worm. Was that taken care of by your anti-virus? Just because it isn't running at startup it still may be infecting your system.

Also, what is Tiberiun Sun (egui.exe, op_mon.exe, and rundll32.exe (Tiberiun Sun)?

Did you at any time have Outpost on your PC?

Please give this link a try for a very good startup and process manager:

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- well thats odd... i used BitcChe for torrent searches on XP for 1 year and a half
and never had any problems, but now i removed it from every place on PC - not there anymore

- TiberianSun is my Username/Logon Name :)

- rundll32.exe is for my c-media soundcard, it uses its .cpl control in tray via that process
if i kill it i lose it in the tray, but can reenable it back via cpl control

- egui.exe and ekrn.exe are ESET NOD32 services (since i have it forn now as only AV on PC)

- op_mon.exe is a Outpost User Interface for Firewall (which i use now)

- the anvir taskmanager provided from link doesn't detect anything harmfull


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I understand,

One I forgot about is acs.exe.

Do you know what this is?

no i don't
i thought its one of many MS things doing whatever it does :p

although google says its something with wireless cards

also when i right click to svchost that consumes 70% cpu and "go to services"
i get this selected...

i cant believe this... it is so unimportant things that hog down OS
and untop of all things i counted in first post, today i lost all my icons on desktop
and cant accesss them no matter of "changing icons" config or reboots
its hilarious

this OS realy needs fixes

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quote "burning ISO on 4x or 7x matters not, the installation is NOT corrupted, if it was caused by speed then i wouldnt be able to install OS at all, let alone read it in drive" Unquote.

I dont agree with the above statement. You could have one single bit corrupted by too fast a burn of ISO and it would install ok but part of the OS would not work or would present problems.


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I must admit that it's at least worth a try and as soon as I saw the sentence 'burned 7x' I thought hmmm....problems?

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